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Using Soft Water agent

Washing a Natural product - Wool, Cotton & Linen

Why use a product that will shorten the life-span of your loved product?

The industry strives to make money, so if they can convince you that you need to buy a Fabric conditioner, softener and so on, then you will buy a consumable. If that shortens the life of your Cotton products, then that too compliments the industry demand for turn-over.

Tests show that using such products leave a fine granule matter that works as a sand-paper rubbing the fibre continuously which increases ware and tare and drastically reduces the life of your loved cotton product.

Naturally occurring water softeners work by enhancing the life of your loved cotton. These can be in the form of Course salt, White Vinegar and so on. In order to get a better 'smell' simply buy a room spritzer, air freshener and so on.